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Linlithgow Palace

Linlithgow Palace
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 King David II held court in the Palace in 1343 and in later years. The Royal House of Stewart started its long association with the palace at the start of the 15th century.In 1424 fire destroyed most of Linlithgow and King James I ordered a program of building work on the palace. The gateway on the east wall still survives today , although the ramp and drawbridge have long gone.

The King was murdered at Perth in 1437 and his son became King James II when he was just was seven years old .He was not very interested in the Palace and did not stay there very much. However King James III used the palace a lot more. In 1469 he married Margaret, the daughter of Christian I of Denmark, and her marriage settlement included Linlithgow Palace and Doune Castle.

King James IV acceded to the throne in 1488 when he was 15 and he started work to convert the palace into a suitable royal residence. The west range was completed with a suite of royal apartments for the king and queen. Clearstorey windows were installed in the great hall along with a new roof.The kitchens and brewhouse were renovated.In 1503 the king married Margaret Tudor,daughter of King Henry VII of England. In 1513 the king fell at Flodden.

King James V was born at Linlithgow Palace in 1512. By 1528 he had assumed control of his kingdom. In 1532 work started to move the main entrance to the palace to the south side and outer gateway was built.James V married Mary of Guise-Lorraine in 1537.She is said to have likened the Palace to the finest chateaux in France. In 1542 the king's army was routed at the Battle of Solway Moss and the king fled to Falkland where he died only six days after the birth of his daughter , Mary, at the Palace.

The infant queen only stayed seven months at the Palace and it would be another 20 years before she returned. Her son James was born at Edinburgh Castle in 1567 and became king in 1585. In 1633 King Charles I visited the Palace. In 1649 the Scots proclaimed his son as Charles II and Cromwell invaded the country. He stayed at Linlithgow at the end of the year. In 1745 Prince Charles Edward Stuart,the Young Pretender , stayed at the Palace.


Above the outer gate are the orders of chivalry to which James V belonged - the Garter of England,the Thistle of Scotland,,the Golden Fleece of Burgundy and St Michael of France.

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