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joan miro
Title: La Melodie Acide

Medium: This consists of a series of 14 original lithographs, on Vellin d'Arches paper, each bearing the printed signature of Miro and numbered in pencil. The group comes supplied in a white cloth portfolio case which is enclosed in a white paper printed

Image Size: Paper size 33 x 25 cms

Condition: excellent

Reference: (MAEGHT 1212 - 1225) ; Cramer 248.

Price: £2950


Published by: Ediciones Poligrapha, S A , Barcelona

Printed by: La Poligrapha, S A., Barcelona

Edition: The edition consisted of the following print run:

20 series of 14 lithographs numbered from 1 to 20, plus 7 series, numbered I to VII and 11 series HC from A to K, all printed on Japan Nacre paper and all signed by the artist himself.

81 lithographs from plate no 1 numbered from 21 to 101, plus 26 lithographs marked A to Z, also on Japan Nacre paper and also signed by the artist.

The present edition consists of 1500 prints on Arches paper of the original 14 plates, numbered from 1/1500 to 1500/1500, and with the artists signature , in the stone, on each of the plates.

Title: Ma de Proverbis (Hand Made proverbs)

Medium: Original lithograph, 1970, on Arches watermarked paper, signed in the stone, printed to the edge of the sheet.

Image Size: 55 x 37.2 cms

Reference: Mourlot Volume IV, Number 676. Cramer 139

Condition: good

Price: £450.00

Published by: Poligrapha, Barcelona, Spain

Edition: Unknown size

Note: There were a series of this lithograph in 5 different colour variations published for the book "Ma de `Proverbis" by the Japanese poet Shuzo Takiguchi. Most of these were signed and numbered as mentioned in the two works quoted above. I spoke to the publishers who advised me that , although they were not published in the catalogue raisonee, there was a further edition of unknown size , unsigned, printed to the edge from which our pieces come.

Title: Oda a Joan Miro

Medium: Original lithograph, 1973, from the portfolio by the same name, signed in the zink plate, on Guarro paper

Image Size: 44 x 33 cms

Price: £300

 Reference: Cramer175, page 430; Maeght 903

Condition: good

Price: £300.00

Published by: Ediciones Poligrafa, S. A. Barcelona

Printed by: La Poligrafa, S. A. Barcelona

Note: This lithograph was part of a series made for the book "Oda a Joan Miro" with texts by Joan Brossa in 1973. There were 9 lithographs made for this book of which ours is an example. In addition to the pieces published for the book an extra edition of 1500 pieces was published on different (Guarro) paper with the printed stone signature of the artist

Edition: 1500

Joan Miro

Title: Poligrapha 15 Years

Medium: Original lithograph, 1979, on Guarro paper, signed in the stone, printed to the edge of the sheet.

Image Size: 55 x 37.2 cms

Reference: Mourlot Volume VI , Number 1192. Cramer 247

Condition: good

Price: £250.00

Published by: Poligrapha, Barcelona, Spain

Edition: 1500

Note: This was published to commemorate a partnership of 15 years between the artist and his publishers, Poligrapha of Barcelona, Spain. A speicl exhibition of the artists works was made at the time in London by Redfern Gallery and this lithograph, cut down in size and without the signature, was used at the front cover foir the catalogue. It contained 18 lithographs by various different artists.

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Jack Vettriano - 5 limited edition prints including Bird on the Wire , Velentine Rose and Cocktails and regrets .

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Joan Miro

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