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Buachaille Etive Mor

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Buchaille Etive Mor

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Buchaille Etive Mor

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" Buchaille Etive Mor " is one of the highest and most impressive mountains in Scotland . It is sometimes spelt Buachaille .

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On the landscape pictures website there are . It is visible on the left of the A82 road which continues right up to Glencoe and on to Fort William and the Highlands It is about 90 miles from the centre of Scotland and just a few miles from Rannoch Moor , one of the last great unspoiled wildernesses of Britain .

Where is it? Travelling from the South, the main road the A82 runs right past this mountain on its way to Fort William. There is a visitor centre in the Glen, which is open in the summer. Glencoe is the most well known of the Scottish Glens. 'The Glen of Weeping' has a unique and almost eerie atmosphere . In 1692 the Campbells attacked the MacDonalds here , murdering many and sending the rest of the Clan into a blizzard .

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